Masturbation. Does masturbation reduce sperm count?

Masturbation is an art of stimulation of genitals for sexual arousal to get an orgasm and other sexual feelings. Masturbation is practiced from starting of human mankind. Masturbation includes the use of fingers, hands, and sex toys like vibrating tools, etc. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding masturbation all over the world. Do las vegas escorts tell that the biggest query people have is Does masturbation reduce sperm count?. The answer to this query escort professionals told us is NO, Masturbating does not reduce sperm count.

There are several benefits and side effects of masturbation. According to vegas escorts, masturbating regularly can provide a lot of health benefits but everything has a limit and over-masturbating can have severe side-effects.

Health benefits of masturbation

There are a lot of health benefits of masturbation, some of the top benefits are:-

  • Masturbation prevents depression by increasing endorphins in the body.
  • Females who masturbate have lower chances of getting cervical cancer.
  • Masturbation improves your self-esteem and makes you more comfortable with sexuality.
  • Masturbation release relaxes hormones which result in better sleep.
  • Masturbation reduces periodic cramps by triggering orgasms.
  • Masturbating reduces the risk of prostate cancer.
  • It is STD free.
  • No risk of unwanted pregnancies.

These are some of the top benefits of masturbation, but over masturbation can be a problem.

Side effects of masturbation

  • Frequent masturbation reduces your time of ejecting semen:- Every time you masturbate, you train your mind to get sexual arousal sooner which shortens your time-span of ejaculation which can be a problem in later sex life.

  • It can become a bad addiction:- Over masturbating can become an addiction that affects our social, mental, and sexual life.

  • Low energy levels all the time:- Masturbating causes high orgasms and as you masturbate the time to getting an orgasm increases which tires down your body and lowers your energy levels.

  • Decline in morale and self-esteem:- Over masturbation cause a decline in self-esteem and morale as it affects mental growth and thinking process in a negative way.

  • Vigorous movements can cause swelling too:- Over masturbating or vigorous movements while masturbation can cause genital swelling which is painful and sometimes causes other health-related issues too.

  • Depletion of human growth hormones:- Masturbation ejaculate semen and sperm, over masturbating targets the growth hormone in sperm production rather than body growth, thus human growth hormones such as testosterone start to deplete from the body.

  • Disconnection from the real world:- Masturbation affects our mental state and disconnects us from the real world.

  • Easy triggering of sexual desires which can be a problem:- Masturbating in excess makes sexual arousal faster due to which we have to face several issues in relations and life.

Masturbation is healthy in its way but it is recommended by the las vegas escorts, not to rely on masturbating as it affects your sexual life.

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